What to consider when purchasing a Drone for a Construction Site

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When comparing construction drone technology companies and deciding which model to invest in, you should consider a few different elements:

1. Camera Quality

The higher the resolution of the camera used by a drone, the better the quality of the image you are going to get. High definition images are necessary for some features and software to work correctly, so to get the best utility out of a UAV, you’ll need a good camera.

2. Portability

How easy it is to take your drone from place to place varies in importance depending on its application. If the drone is going to be in one location for extended amounts of time, then portability may not be the most significant factor in your purchasing decision. However, if you think you’ll be continuously cycling your drones through different construction sites, you’ll want to be sure that the drone isn’t too heavy, and you might even want to be able to reduce its size by folding it into a compact form.

3. Durability

Can the drone stay pristine in typical construction site environments that tend to have a lot of dirt and dust being tossed about? If your drone can’t stand up to the elements and inevitable wear and tear, it is not worth the investment no matter how advanced the technology is inside.

4. Stability

Stability deals with wind speed resistance and how well your UAV can stay centered while being operated in rough conditions with a lot of air movement or rain. Consider what kind of hazards you face on your typical job sites and make a drone selection based on what appears to be best equipped to deal with those hazards and still produce a high-quality image no matter what the weather entails.

5. Ease of Use

Find out whether the drone comes ready-to-fly out of the box. If you must buy a modular camera, how easy will it be to install? You’ll also want to know if the drone includes any chargers or what other add-ons you might need. These are all questions that you must ask yourself regarding the ease of using your drone. There are certainly some drones that make the installation and operation easier than others.

Keeping these five aspects in mind when shopping for reputable drone companies and devices will help you make a favorable decision on the best drones for construction sites.

The Value of a Partner in Heavy Equipment

Partnering with someone with niche experience in heavy equipment solutions can help you make smart decisions about the kinds of technology that will be most trans-formative to your business. Searching for a company that caters specifically to the demands of the building and construction industry can aid your work on multiple fronts while saving you time managing your technological assets.

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