The Spatial Times

Since its first publication in October 2020, the magazine is centered on publishing the most trending stories in and around Africa that involve Geomatics.

The magazine also highlights some of the strides that the Youth in different parts of the world are taking towards a sustainable future.

It curates interesting stories, pictures and moments from the community which is then distributed to a wide network of readers across the globe.

Publication Timeline

Issue 01
October 2020

The Introduction

This publication did not have any theme defined to it. It however consists of a gallery from our first community in Zimbabwe including articles to do with COVID-19 and Spatial Information.

Issue 02
December 2020

Geospatial & The Construction Industry

The 2nd Issue had a main focus at the Construction industry.
A guest conversation with a FIG Grant recipient was one of the major highlights of the publication

Issue 03
March 2021

Geospatial for Space Exploration & Development

The developments and exploration of Space would not be possible without the use of geospatial technology and equipment.
In this publication, readers are provided with some interesting facts and guides for entering and making their way into the space industries.

Issue 04
August 2021

Geospatial for Humanitarian

The 4th Issue looks at how the world has been dealing and handling humanitarian crisis with Geospatial technology.
Readers are taken through some of the initiatives they can start within their local communities to help strengthen these efforts and volunteering.

Issue 05
March 2022

Geospatial for Sustainable Development

Interested in the global talk of the day #SDGs? This issue focuses on how we can achieve sustainability in the world including how and why you should also be involved.

Issue 06
December 2022

Climate Change for Climate Action

Our world is rapidly changing every minute and every second. The world is not as it used to be centuries ago. These are the effects of CLIMATE CHANGE, a pandemic we all face in this modern day.
The issue places emphasis on the value of #Location is solving this devastating challenge that we all face

Issue 07
March 2023

Emerging Technologies & the Future

What are these emerging technologies and how can we leverage on them? Why are Land Surveyors not adopting these technologies? What does the future hold and what does it look like?
Will technology be the end of human-labour?
These and these other stories to be answered in the 7th publication.

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Issue 01

Editor: Kumbirai Matingo

Issue 02

Editor: Letwin Pondo

Issue 03

Editor: Kumbirai Matingo

Issue 04

Editor: Kumbirai Matingo

Issue 05

Editor: Joseph Jongwe

Issue 06

Editor: Kumbirai Matingo

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