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Building the world we want through geospatial technology

The world has become more connected now than it ever was. Everything and everyone… we are all related. Build for Sustainability

We Learn, We Grow, We Build

We Work Together

A broad community of geo-minded individuals and organizations in and around Africa that strives for a sustainable future through Geospatial technology.





What We Do

Youth Development

Youth are the future and the next generation. Our projects and initiatives help bring the Youth in the spotlight through networking, skill and capacity development, education and training.
We connect Youth to opportunities, help develop and realize great potential.

Connect the World

Our communities are designed to bring the professional and student players in one Geo-Space.
Our outreach programs and projects connect and find the missing gaps. We call it #Bridging-The-Borders-Between

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The Community Says

Kumbirai Matingo
Founder & Team-Lead

“Its funny how African Surveyors Connect started but here we are today. A large community of minds that are willing to change the way things are by implementing geospatial technology “

Lexi Sandolv
Project Manager

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Sadio Mane
Social Worker

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