April 18, 2021

The African Surveyors Academy (ASA)

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Finally the long wait is over as we introduce and unleash to you The Academy. During our last publication of The Spatial Times Magazine we promised you that we would be introducing new features and here is a first from us.

What is the Academy?

ASA is a place where anyone with interests in the field of Geomatics and Surveying can get to learn practical skills on the go and for free.

You do not have to be enrolled in a degree program related to the professional fields or have graduated in these fields in order to learn new skills on this platform. We are basically creating a conducive environment with these in mind:

  • career development
  • skill enhancement with real-world practical approach
  • safe and affordable platform
  • inclusiveness of everyone no matter your location.

What other features within the academy?

Well besides just learning and more learning you can also become a tutor. We have people in the community who are willing to spend time teaching others how things are done and how they work.

Tutors can create courses and can also earn an extra-income from their work. It all depends on the kind of tutor one can be. Some basically want to offer everything for free and some need that extra income.

One thing for a fact is that, ALL courses that have been created by the African Surveyors Connect team are totally FREE off-charge.

We hope you are going to enjoy this new feature that we have just made available for you.

Here is a short video that should help you get started:

Ready to get started? Hit the button below and develop those skills today.

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