January 26, 2021

Quiz : General Intelligence & Reasoning

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This week we have decided to include everyone into the quiz session.

You might want to have a calculator in order to get some of the questions correct within the specified time limit.


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General Intelligence & Reasoning

General Intelligence & Reasoning 

If you are attempting this Quiz Session to stand a chance to win the weekly prizes we recommend that you first read and understand our quiz guideline.
Follow all the steps outlined in the Guide Line in order to stand a better chance to win.

Promotion is only valid to people living in Zimbabwe at the moment. Please bare with us as we sort out the logistics for all parts of the region.

This week's prize stands at 50ZWL Worth of Airtime

This Week's Quiz:

  • contains 10 questions
  • acceptable pass-mark stands at 50% (meaning you only need to fail at most 5 questions in order to compete for the Prize)
  • is based on general intelligence and reasoning ( not related to the surveying profession)
  • has a duration of 20 minutes in total (when the time is up the clock will stop and that is the end)
  • and lastly, you can only attempt this session once.

Good Luck


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Each vowel of the GLADIOLUS word is substituted with the next letter of the English alphabetical series and each consonant is substituted with the letters preceding it. How many vowels will be present in the new arrangement ?

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Clarke was walking on the street, one boy requested her to donate for COVID patients welfare fund. She gave him a Bond note more than half the money she had. She walked a few more steps. Then came a girl who requested her to donate for poor people's fund for which she gave 2 Bond notes more than half the money she had then.

After that, again a boy approached her for an orphanage fund. She gave 3 Bond notes more than half of what she had. At last she had just 1 Bond note remaining in her hand.

How much amount did Clarke have in her pocket when she started ?

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Insolation heats up the land masses more quickly than the water bodies because ______

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In a row of trees, a tree is 7th from left end and 14th from right end. How many trees are there in the row ?

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Shan is 55 years old, Sthian is 5 years junior to Shan and 6 years senior to Balan. The youngest brother of Balan is Devan and he is 7 years junior to him. So what is the age difference between Devan and Shan?

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If each of the digits in the number 92581473 is arranged in ascending order, what will be the difference between the digits which are fourth from the right and third from left in the new arrangement? The ascending order of the number is 123456789.

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In a lake, there are 10 steps labelled using alphabets from A to J. Starting from step A, every minute a frog jumps to the 4th step from where it started - that is from the step A it would go to the step E and from E it would go to the step I and from I it would go to C etc.
Where would the from be at the 60th minute if it starts at the step A ?

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Carrie ranks 13th in the class of 33 students. There are 5 students below Peter rankwise. How many students are there between Carrie and Peter ?

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In a family there are several brothers and sisters. Every 2 boys have brothers as many as sisters and each girl has 2 brothers less than twice as many brothers as sisters. Now find the number of boys and girls.

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If Football is called Cricket, Cricket is called Basketball, Basketball is called Badminton, Badminton is called Volleyball, Volleyball is called Hockey and Hockey is called Golf, then which of the following games is not played using a ball ?

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