January 26, 2021

Quiz : Basic Engineering Surveying

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Land Surveying

General Engineering Surveying

Basic concepts of Engineering Surveying.

30ZWL Worth of Airtime to be won for the first person to complete this Quiz with a pass mark of 100%.
Please Take Note: This competition is only for Zimbabwean participants with an Econet or Netone Line.

We will be awarding prizes for the other countries in the region soon Please stay tuned.

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Subtense bar is an instrument used for

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The size of a plane table is

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If the reduced bearing of a line AB is N60°W and length is 100 m, then the latitude and departure respectively of the line AB will be

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91. The methods used for locating the plane table stations are
i) radiation
ii) traversing
iii) intersection
iv) resection
The correct answer is

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The type of surveying which requires least office work is

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The error due to eccentricity of inner and outer axes can be eliminated by

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Three point problem can be solved by

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If in a closed traverse, the sum of the north latitudes is more than the sum of the south latitudes and also the sum of west departures is more than the sum of the east departures, the bearing of the closing line is in the

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The allowable length of an offset depends upon the….

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Which of the following statements is in-correct ?

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In an internal focussing type of telescope, the lens provided is

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