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Land Surveying

Basic Engineering Surveying 2

Basic Surveying Quiz Number 2. 

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This week's prize stands at 40ZWL Worth of Airtime

This Week's Quiz:

  • contains 20 questions
  • acceptable pass-mark stands at 95% (meaning you only need to fail at most 1 question in order to compete for the Prize)
  • is based on the basic concepts and principles of Engineering Surveying
  • requires you to be good at your mathematical (mental work) skills.
  • has a duration of 6 minutes in total (when the time is up the clock will stop and that is the end)
  • and lastly, you can only attempt this session once.

Good Luck


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For a tacheometer the additive and multi-plying constants are respectively?

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If the value of error due to the single measurement is 6.54 for 10 observations, then calculate the value of average probable error.

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From the principal point the horizon point lies on the principal line at a distance of

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The Polaris remains below horizon at?

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The plane at right angle to the zenith-nadir line and passing through the center of the earth, is called

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Sensitiveness of a level tube is designated by

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Which of the following methods of contouring is most suitable for a hilly terrain?

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Agate cap is fitted with a

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To obtain photographs of an area of  1000 m average elevation, on scale 1 : 30,000, with a camera of 30 cm focal length, the flying height is

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The correction of parallax, is

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The error due to eccentricity of inner and outer axes can be eliminated by

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The angle between the plane of the equator and the plane of the ecliptic, is know as obliquity of the ecliptic and its value is?

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Three point problem can be solved by

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The allowable length of an offset depends upon the

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The size of a plane table is?

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The great circle whose plan is perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the earth, is called

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Overturning of vehicles on a curve can be avoided by using

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The zenith is the point of the celestial sphere

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The Polaris describes a small circle round the pole whose radius is approximately

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If 16 flight lines are run perpendicular to an area 30 km wide, their spacings on a photographical map on scale 1 : 50,000 , will be?

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