January 26, 2021

Quiz : Basic Concepts of Surveying

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Basic Concepts of Surveying Quiz.
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Land Surveying


Basic Concepts of Surveying. 

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The solar tidal force divided by lunar tidal force is

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Closed contours, with higher value inwards, represent a

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The following sights are taken on a "turning point"

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The number of horizontal cross wires in a stadia diaphragm is

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A level line is a

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The declination and right ascension of the sun becomes 23° 27`N and 90° respectively on

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Pick up the correct statement from the following. 

The difference between the longitudes of the places is obtained.

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23 cm x 23 cm photographs are taken from a flying height with a camera of focal length of 3600 m and 15.23 cm respectively. A parallax difference of 0.01 mm represents

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The principal plane contains

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The horizontal angle between the true meridian and magnetic meridian at a place is called

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Refraction correction

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Latitude of the observer's position is equal to altitude of

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The average eye base is assumed as

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Accidental errors...

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The declination and right ascension of the sun becomes 23°27`S and 270° respectively on

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The parallax equation  Δp = BmΔh/H - h  is applicable to entire overlap of the photographs only if parallax is measured

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If the length of a chain is found to be short on testing, it can be adjusted by

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The prime vertical passes through

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In the double application of principle of reversion, the apparent error is

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The relation between the air base (B), photographic base (b), flying heigh (H) and the focal length (f) of a vertical photograph, is

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