February 26, 2021

QGIS Open Day 2021

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Post Source: https://github.com/qgis/QGIS/wiki/QHF-February-2021

Friday 26 February is QGIS Open Day with the theme “QGIS Plugged In!”. @hansakwast will have a session about open educational resources for learning

Through their GitHub Wiki page, the QGIS is offering a chance for all spatial enthusiast who would like to discuss on topics to add them to their Wiki Page on GitHub.

To keep up to date with QGIS Open Day events, please join the Telegram channel.

As shared on their GitHub Wiki page, Here is an outline of events that have been added so far:

Programme overview:

Virtual events will be taking place on online (see links below) and in the telegram chat room, and with many events also being live-streamed on YouTube. See the individual event descriptions below for an indication of where to join each event.

QGISOpenDay 26th February 2021

No Name Time Coordinator Language
1 QGIS for dummies, our experience as Kartoza Interns 08h00 UTC Kartoza interns, Kartoza interns English
2 From QGIS newcomer to QGIS documenter 09h30 UTC Rosa Aguilar, Kartoza interns English
3 Open Education for QGIS 10h00 UTC Hans van der Kwast, Kartoza interns English
4 Working with Vector Tiles in QGIS 11h00 UTC Azile Mdleleni, Kartoza interns English
5 From Hackathon to QGIS Plugin 12h30 UTC Natalia Cárdenas Niño, Kartoza interns English


No Name Role Contact
1 Riley and Amy Session planning and speaker coordination Contact Amy via the Telegram Channel username @Amz
2 Zinzi and Christopher Publishing platform and workflows Contact Zinzi via the Telegram Channel username @zinzixakayi
3 Nicholas Event promotion – via mailing lists Contact Nicholas via the Telegram Channel username @Nicholas
4 Seabilwe Social Media Contact Seabilwe via the Telegram Channel username @Seabilwe


QGIS for dummies, our experiences with QGIS as Kartoza Interns

Time: 26 February 2021 TBD.

Duration: 1 hour

Venue: <Live Stream/ Jitsi Room>

Presenter: Kartoza interns

Host: Kartoza interns

From QGIS newcomer to QGIS documenter

Time: 26 February 2021 09h30 UTC.

Duration: 30 minutes

Venue: <Live Stream/ Jitsi Room>

Presenter: Rosa Aguilar

Host: Kartoza interns

Rosa Aguilar will talk about her journey from newcomer, translator, and later documenter. She will also share the fantastic experience of belonging to the vibrant QGIS community.

Open Education for QGIS

Time: 26 February 2021 10h00 UTC.

Duration: 1 hour


Presenter: Hans van der Kwast

Host: Kartoza interns

Do you want to learn QGIS, but you don’t know where to start? In a previous session, you’ve already learned about the QGIS documentation. In this session, Hans will guide you through available open educational resources (OER) for learning QGIS, such as websites and platforms with free tutorials and open courses. he’ll also give an overview of useful YouTube channels worth subscribing to if you want to learn more about QGIS. And you’ll have a chance to meet contributors to the GIS OpenCourseWare platform!

Working with Vector Tile in QGIS

Time: 26 February 2021 11H00 UTC

Duration: 1 hour

Venue: <Live Stream/ Jitsi Room>

Presenter: Azile Mdleleni

Host: Kartoza interns

From Hackathon to QGIS Plugin

Time: 26 February 2021 12h30 UTC.

Duration: 1 hour


Presenter: Natalia Cárdenas Niño

Host: Kartoza interns

Natalia Cárdenas Niño participated in the WaPOR Hackathon “From Database to Application” in Nobember 2020. She worked with her amazing team on an idea to devevelop the WAPlugin. The WAPlugin will give easy access to open data from the FAO WaPOR database from QGIS and can be used to calculate water accounting and water productivity indicators. The team was one of the winning teams and is currently continuing the development of the plugin. Natalia will give an inspiring presentation about her journey from hackathon to QGIS plugin. After the presentation there will be a panel discussion with the team.

They have also given permission for people to add events to the calendar to make this event a huge and successful one too. #OpenSource

You can do this too! We really encourage others to follow our initiative, using the wiki page link below to organise your plans (just add a section below the last one). You can host virtual meetups in the Jitsi room, plan your next steps to take QGIS further down the road to world domination and much much more. We encourage language and region-specific huddles, documentation improvement sessions, bug fixing, making beautiful maps, and working together to do amazing things with QGIS.

We would really love to see more events offered from our country user groups and broader user base. The content can be at any skill level and in any language you like, and the times can overlap if needed. So please feel free to organise your activities on this wiki page. The QGIS Open Day is also an ideal time to hold virtual country user group meet-ups – please share your activities on the open day schedule, so that even people from outside of your country user group can benefit from your presentations. Contact me (see below) if you need help adding your events to the wiki page.

QGIS GitHub Page

To keep track of this event as it is being planned and occurs, kindly view the Wiki page.

Also note the events we have outlined and detailed in this post are subject to change depending on the moderations that occur via their wiki page.

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