April 18, 2021

Profile: Lovejoy Bhekumuzi Ngwenya

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More young talent keeps coming through. This week we’ve another young talent from Zimbabwe. Meet…

Name :
Lovejoy Bhekumuzi Ngwenya

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Career Bio :
Lovejoy is a Surveying and Geomatics student at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe. He possess broad surveying and mapping experience that spans Boundary, Topographical mapping, design, construction and settings out building and dams. As a student he also possess some knowledge on GPS Surveying and techniques that can be used to determine positions for most survey related work.

Are there any products, skills or services that he possesses or offers?
Yes of course. He is a member of Aim Global Zimbabwe, which cares more of the health of people by providing medicine which are 100 percent natural. Apart from the world of surveying he sells these products for the betterment of the community. In short we can simply say he cares more about the community.

I grew up learning about houses as my sister was in the field of Civil Engineering and a bit of experience in surveying so it was also an interest to me,ive been exposed to it from athe young age as she knew a lot about the industry,
My advice to those who want to venture into the field would be ask yourself if you want to be part of a future thinking industry,its all going to change so much over the next few decades with new technology and our changing environments.

Lovejoy Ngwenya

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