April 18, 2021

Leica Geo-Systems Photo Contest

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Leica Geosystems South Africa is running a photo contest for the year 2021.

How to enter? :

Send them a photo of yourself and your Leica product in South Africa. Keep it #proudlysouthafrican

Write a short caption that includes the following:

  • Represent your residential area by starting your caption with “I rep…” i.e. “I rep Springs.”
  • Share one feature that you enjoy about your Leica product starting with the words “My Leica is lekker because…?”

Also include:
Name and Surname, Email address and Contact details

Submit entries to: marketingsa.geo@leica-geosystems.com

The Prize it to be announced

T&C’s apply:

  • Participants who have followed all the above instructions will qualify to enter the contest
  • Vulgar or inappropriate language will immediately disqualify you from the contest
  • Keep your captions short and simple
  • Use of slang is allowed
  • Captions must be in English as per the above instructions
  • Contest runs until 30 Nov 2021
  • Winner must reside in SA, or have a delivery address in SA
  • Participants must agree to sharing this information within the region of Leica Geosystems Southern Africa
  • The winner will be notified by email

Make sure you don’t lose out!

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