April 17, 2021

How to Create Your Own Content

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We believe in the power of writing. Most people have certain hobbies and passions besides the work they do. Some of these include writing and the ability to create content for public use.

We’ve created an environment for our readers to be able to create their own content, share with the public and most importantly, get credit for their work. In this short article was took some time to go through the process of how you can create your own content here on African Surveyors Connect main blog site.

Follow the simple step by step guide and you will be ready to publish articles that will attract people to want to know more about you.

Let’s get started!

Creating the Content

  1. Create an account

    The first step is always to create an account for yourself. Creating in account ensures that everything you submit will be attached to your name and you basically take credit for your work. If you already have an account you can jump to stage 2 of this tutorial.

    We have made the account creation process a little less time consuming for you by introducing the Social Login buttons which allow you to create an account by using Facebook, Google and Twitter authentication systems. This means your Facebook, Twitter or Google username and login credentials are also your login credentials for this site.
    Easy right?

  2. Login

    After creating that account, its time to login and build your profile. Your profile is the information about you that anyone who clicks on your name will be able to see and know about you. The best profiles have a tendency of attracting and catching the eye of your next employer or could lend you a consultancy job.

    Simply login into your account. Upon successful login, your will be redirected to your account page where you see your details and can be able to edit things like your email and name.

  3. View your Profile

    On your account page, click the link which is found below your profile icon which reads: VIEW PROFILE.

    The link will take you to your profile page where you can easily view and edit the information that people see about you and also manage the number of posts and comments that you have made onto the platform.

  4. Submit an Article

    We are almost there now!
    While on your profile page, scroll down a little bit. You will find a button with the text “SUBMIT AN ARTICLE“.
    Click on the button and a form will appear for you to fill in with the details that are required in order to have a complete post.
    What are the fields?

    The following fields are supposed to be filled with details in order for your post to be approved.
    Post Title – the name of the post

    Tags – the tags of the post. These are usually the most common words that are used for search queries

    Post Category – the category in which the post falls into. Select from the list.

    Featured Image – an image which will be displayed at the top of the post. This is usually an image which describes the post in summary or a theme like image related to the title of the post.

  5. Post

    When you are done creating the post you have to submit it by clicking the POST button. Always make sure that before clicking on POST you have agreed to the term and conditions for user submitted articles and also have passed the Captcha verification on the form.

  6. Wait for Approval

    Great. Now that you have created your own article there is only one last step left. This is the approval stage. Don’t worry, there is no more input on your side.

    Editorial team has already been notified about a new post that you just created that needs approval in order for it to be viewed by the public.
    Once your posts have been approved, our automatic notification systems will distribute your post to all the subscribers and our social media channels and people will start reading the great piece of work that you would have contributed.

Creating your own content is that easy. Let us know by contacting us if you happen to face any challenges. Usually all posts submitted are Approved or Declined in less than 24-hours. If your article has been declined we will notify you of the reason, most probably it would have violated our policies.

You can also download the step-by-step infographic for this article below. 

Or you can view it online here

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