April 18, 2021

ESRI Offers free Cartography Course

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Just as they promised mid-2020, the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) will be offering yet another free MOOC and this time its all going to be about Cartography.

Mapping, Mapping & more mapping for the community. They recently published on their website that this course is going to last for a duration of 6-weeks. This MOOC comes after their previous MOOC which was all about Spatial Data Science.

About this MOOC?

The one good thing, actually two good things about this one are that you will be learning from experts and also you will be using ArcGIS Pro to complete the course.

Want to know why this is a good thing? Well basically the fact that you will be using ArcGIS Pro which needs to be purchased from their store, throughout the duration of this 6-week long course we bet you will have access to some ArcGIS Pro experience for the whole 6-weeks. That’s amazing right? Well, not only will you get the software for free during those six-weeks but you will also learn how to create maps that communicate well with the audience and this content will be delivered to you by EXPERTS.

Let’s summarize some of the few items from this course that you need to know:

When & Where?

This course is going to be running from the 3rd of February to the 17th of March 2021. Thanks to the digital world, its all going to be done Online. If I were you I would start saving for that good internet connection.

What are the goals for this course?

Generally this course is going to help you,

  • Learn the cartographer’s craft from experienced professionals.
  • Apply the latest ArcGIS Pro 2D and 3D map design tools.
  • Author beautiful, effective information products and publish them online.
  • Acquire valuable GIS mapping skills that employers seek.

Hopefully you are ready and equipped for this course. Since you will be getting free software for the duration of this course, let’s see if you are ready by checking whether the machine you are going to use is compatible with the ArcGIS Pro software version that you are going to get by clicking the button below:

Now that you have checked the requirements above, its time you register for that FREE course from ESRI. This will go a long way in improving your skills within the profession and be able to stand-out among the rest, not forgetting a good profile to put on that LinkedIn profile of yours.

Ready? Remember this course’s registration date expires on the 15th day of February 2021.

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