April 18, 2021

Creating Web Maps With QGIS

2 min read

Quite a number of people these days own websites. Some of these individuals are freelancers who want to expose their works to the outside world and make a name for themselves.

Now imagine you are a freelance Cartographer and you want to display your works to the world in a fast and easy way. You deal with maps each and every day and within these digital times most maps are shared as pdf’s or images files. Its quite difficult to distribute maps all over the world and make people download them in order to view them but with a simple website you can share your maps with anyone over the internet.

These simple tasks can be achieved by using a simple plugin in QGIS software called qgis2three.js. Feel free to check out their website and learn more about the amazing work they have done in the geospatial industry.

In this tutorial we are going to provide you with a step by step video on how you can create maps and deliver content over the internet to your intended customers. Remember we once talked about the benefits and why you need a website too.

Tutorial Video

Follow through this video carefully in order to create and present your maps to a larger and greater audience over the internet.


  • DEM file
  • QGIS
  • qgis2threejs plugin installed
  • web broweser (preferably Chrome)
  • time.

Hopefully this will help a lot of freelancers out there to showcase their works in a nice and easy way.

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