Creating Maps with ArcGIS Online

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With the growing world of technology, people have moved from paper to digital. The mapping industry is also one of the industries that took the transformation step. In modern day we now see a lot of maps being shared digitally and these have so far proved to be efficient than paper maps where we had to print another paper in order to update it.

We recently posted on article which was focused on creating an ArcGIS Dashboard using Esri technology. In addition to the article we managed to create a video tutorial for easy understanding starting from the basics (data importing) and coming up with the actual desired service.

We mainly focused on creating COVID-19 maps due to the high demand of information for the public during these times.

Creating COVID-19 Maps with ArcGIS

Creating a COVID-19 Dashboard with ArcGIS

For any questions relating to the tutorial and any other please refer to the Community and lets help each other grow in the profession.

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