All You Need to Know About ESRI User-Conference 2021 (ESRI-UC)

It’s that time of the year where the largest Geographic Information Systems (GIS) communities gathers around to share, discuss and see the new updates and ideas by ESRI. Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this year’s conference is going to be virtual.

We are not going to spoil you and try to explain all about the ESRI-UC in this post. Instead if you want to know everything for yourself, we recommended logging in to their Events platform and get to attend the conference for yourself.

So here is just a brief about the UC:

What is ESRI-UC?

Personally, I would like to call it the BIGGEST gathering of the GIS community hosted by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). – Just a brief by the way.

When is it starting?

The conference has already started. The duration is from the 12th to the 15th of July, 2021. Good thing that I like about this conference now is that; registration only closes on the last day of the conference. So if you are seeing this now between the dates mentioned above, you still have a chance to register and get to be part of the UC.

What will be taking place?

Quite a lot will be taking place at this event. Below is a list of some of the bits:

  • Plenary Session with Jack Dangermond (ESRI, President)
  • Technical Workshops and Sessions
  • Sponsors and Exhibitors engagement
  • Peer to Peer virtual networking.

So these are the main components and functions of the UC. Imagine being able to connect with the GIS community, sharing ideas and expanding your network?

Well, I haven’t attended the on-site event before, but I’d like to applaud the platform that these guys are cureently using for the UC. Its just state of the art web-design and its like you just want to click everywhere because everything seems to attractive. You should definitely check it out.

Apart from attending the virtual conference, you can also participate in events like the Virtual Marathon which is also hosted by ESRI. Once you are logged in, you can use the Quick Capture application to start tracking your Marathon or Walkathon progress. That’s how fun this can be.

Remember, its not too late to join this year’s User-Conference. Here is the web-page link: