A Community Like No Other

African Surveyors Connect (ASC) is home to anyone with interest and a passion for Geospatial technology and methodologies for a sustainable future and development.

We connect professionals and student from across and beyond the African space in one platform that allows for; Collaboration, Skill and Capacity Building/Development, Career Development and Innovativeness.

Vision Statement

To be a leader in shaping a sustainable future for Africa through the advancement and application of geospatial technology and methodologies.

Mission Statement

African Surveyors Connect (ASC) connects professionals and students across and beyond the African space to advance Geospatial technology and methodologies for sustainable development. We promote collaboration, skill and capacity building, career development and innovativeness, all towards a sustainable future for Africa

Our Journey

Dec 2019 – Feb 2020

Platform Development

originally ASC was supposed to be a platform where Surveying students could perform online computations for their Land Survey related work.

Feb 2020 – March 2020

First Online Appearance

The development process was now complete. Students could access a free online Land Surveying computation tool where they could perform Join, Polar calculations among others and reduce their time holding and using a calculator.
The website started at www.africansurveyors.co.zw

March 2020 – July 2020

Further Development

The Coronavirus became a global pandemic which resulted in most nations going into lockdown meaning no more school and work for most parts of the world.

The website was then turned into a blogging platform that would communicate with the African community, provide news and articles about the geomatics and surveying profession.

This period also paved way for the development of the COVID-19 Hub for Zimbabwe, a national project that has since assisted more than 1M Zimbabweans during the pandemic

July 2020

YouTube Channel Launch

As part of the education initiative, a YouTube channel was launched. This channel provides tutorials, step by step guides and lessons for anyone who is in the Geospatial industry with a main concentration of material in Geographic Information Systems.

August – September 2020

Education Courses Program

A new initiative was launched. However, due to constraints and limitations the program was not a success and had to be discontinued.

October 2020

Birth of The Spatial Times

The Spatial Times is a publication and magazine that seeks to raise awareness of events, phenomena and outstanding people within the Geospatial community.

The First Issue was published on the 15 of October, 2020 and was distributed to an approximated audience of 100 people.
This was supposed to a testing phase and no plans were in place to produce another 2nd Issue of carry on with the project.

The readers requested for more publications and that was the birth of THE SPATIAL TIMES.

Audience Building & Community growth
November 2020 – June 2021

Blogging & News

The platform was mainly known for blogging and publications of news, articles and opinions.

During this period, the subscriber base was also growing.

The Voices of the Geospatial Community
August 2021 – December 2021

Birth of the Geospatial Podcast

It was time to make a few changes. The reading and attention span of many people in the world keeps decreasing and seeing the Geospatial community as one of the busiest in the world, some rarely have the time to read.

The Podcast was introduced to cater for all the little changes and people can now tune in while on the go.

January 2022 – Present

New Initiatives

A lot of initiatives have since been coming up and some are currently in the planning phase.

Some highlights include;

– Geospace
– Get Youth Into GIS

Overtime there will be some remodeling and structuring until the borders between have finally been bridged.

Why Us

Our main focus is on the African continent and especially on the Youth because they are the future of tomorrow.

Our Mission

To build a geospatial community for Africa by Africans that can work together for a sustainable future by implementing Geospatial means and technology in all endeavors.

Our Visions

– Realization of Youth capacity for development
– Enhanced skills to solve the problems that the world currently faces.

Our Team

Kumbirai Nicholas Matingo

Founder, GIS Developer & Lead

A young and innovative Geospatial Analyst, Developer, and Researcher with key interests in spatial epidemiology, Web-based GIS applications, Space technology, Exploration, and Inclusive and Digital Land Information Systems all towards the attainment and achievement of the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. A true believer in the power of location and geospatial intelligence to achieve all these goals.

Letwin Pondo

Marketing Manager

Thelma Moyo

Podcast Manager

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