Vendors Registration

Any manufacturer or reseller of equipment related to the surveying or geomatics profession can apply for a position on this platform by filling out our vendor application form.

Upon successful submission of the form, it will take approximately 48hrs for full verification of the details provided by the applicant. If your application is deemed to be a success, our team will reach out to you to initiate the online store bundling process.

Please note that, once your online-store is up and running, you will be in total control of any activity that occurs, including customer handling and processing their orders.

Kindly read our terms & conditions before applying for an e-commerce channel on our platform.

E-Commerce Pricing Plan

$8.00 / month
Paid every first Monday of every month
$80 / year
Lasts for 365-days before renewal of plan.
Pricing plan for e-commerce linked environment

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