Issue 06

Official Release Date: 27 December 2022

Editor: Kumbirai Matingo

Theme: Climate Change for Climate Action

Our world is rapidly changing every minute and every second. The world is not as it used to be centuries ago. These are the effects of CLIMATE CHANGE, a pandemic we all face in this modern day.

This issue seeks to address this pandemic by engaging the community, hearing and listening to what the diverse community has to say towards possible ACTIONS on this devasted Global Problem that we all face.

How can GEOSPATIAL techniques, methods and ideation play a key role towards SUSTAINABILITY?

This 6th Issue sheds light on a pandemic that is certainly bigger than COVID-19 that our planet faces. Climate Change has affected many and has not spared anyone since the onset.

This global disaster calls for immediate ACTION and we believe Geo is the solution to this global challenge. By merging all knowledge, expertise and experiences together, we can overcome this great danger and work together to save our planet.

We do hope you find lots of opportunities and chances to contribute towards this cause as soon as you finish turning these pages.


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