January 26, 2021

Quiz Guideline

This is the official African Surveyors Connect Sunday Quiz Competition Guideline. Taking part in any of our Quiz Sessions means that you agree with our sites  privacy policy.

Please take note that only Zimbabwean citizens qualify for the Weekly Prize to be awarded to the winners of this competition. However we are working tirelessly in establishing networks in all parts of the region in order for any African Surveyor & Geomatician to stand a chance in winning. We also encourage our family & friends from outside Zimbabwe to also challenge themselves with these weekly quiz sessions as you also stand a higher chance if you provide records once we set the ball rolling in your country.

How to take part in the Quiz?

Quiz sessions are released on a weekly basis on Sunday at 12.00 pm (+02.00 GMT). Be sure to always be on the look out through our Quiz Category page on this website. Once the Quiz is released, we also make an effort to notify all our Subscribers through various social media channels that include Whats-App, Facebook & Twitter and also through our mailing list. If you have not subscribed to our mailing list you can do so here.

Once the quiz is released, anyone can attempt it through the link that will be provided via the notification channels.

The Quiz session can only be attempted once by every individual. That basically means if you do not meet the stated pass mark for that week, you will have to try again next week.

How do I Win the Weekly Prize?

In order for one to stand a chance at winning the weekly prize you must have:

  • reached the minimum pass mark for the quiz
  • take a screenshot of your result and comment on our most recent post on Facebook (while attaching your screenshot)
  • liked our Facebook page
  • and get the most likes on your Facebook comment of our recent post

The competition will run for 48 hours giving enough time for anyone to participate for the weekly prize. So that means we get to award our weekly prize to our winner every Tuesday at exactly 12.00 pm (GMT +02.00) and there after the Quiz will be opened for anyone to re-attempt the questions again while waiting for the next challenge.

Note that: We do not capture any user details for the quiz sessions, therefore anyone attempting these sessions will be totally anonymous hence if you do not provide any proof of your sessions outcome we can not be able to list you as a finalist for the weekly prize. We recommend that you use a device which has screenshot capability in order to provide proof.

African Surveyors Connect does not give any certification to any participants of these quiz sessions and therefore the results obtained can not and should not be used by any individual to represent any form of academic achievement or certification. We highly recommend anyone seeking any certification to contact their examination and certification boards depending on their region. 

You can download our Pictorial Quiz Guideline and also share with friends who might want to stand a chance to win and also exercise their minds. Click here to download.


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