April 18, 2021

Posting Guide

Anyone who registers an account is eligible to post articles on African Surveyors Connect. If you wish to post articles and haven’t created an account yet make sure you do by clicking here.

Once you have created your post, it will go through a verification process by our Editors in order to maintain standards.

For a post to be eligible for publishing it should follow these guidelines:

  • must be aligned to the field of Surveying or Geomatics regardless of the topic (i.e. Business, Technology or Gaming), any topic is allowed but with a concept of the main purpose of the site.
  • must contain a featured image that represents the topic that you have chosen
  • must be more than 400 words
  • must not contain any foul language, racial language, discriminatory language or any language that is deemed unethical.
  • must be composed using good english. Our editors have the right to edit the language that you might use when submitting your article to enable the readers to be able to easily understand the article
  • must be aligned to at least one category that are already defined. In the event you do not find a perfect category, select the General category and notify the administrator through the contact form to allow room for additions.
  • all posts must contain at least one tag that is mainly the keyword for edification.

African Surveyors Connect does not offer any for of payment to writers for using this site. It is only a platform that allows professionals and students to express their thoughts, share their views and educate one another through writing. However with time, the African Surveyors Connect team might conduct sponsored competitions to award the best writers on the platform.

Authors of posts are also free to promote their own products through their piece of writing.

Generally it takes a maximum of 48 hours for a post to be approved by the editorial team. All posts will contain the authors name for credibility purposes.

All posts are published automatically to our social media accounts for publicity.

For any questions and inquiries feel free to ask us via the contact form or through our email address: admin@africansurveyors.net

How to Post

Upon successful registration, you will need to verify your account through your email. Once that is done come back to the site and login using the credentials that you have used for creating an account.

At the top of your screen you will see a black header that appears. Click on the addition sign and create

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