The Impacts of Surveying on the Future of the World

The podcast discusses the impact of surveying on various aspects of society such as infrastructure development, environmental conservation, disaster management, and space exploration. It also highlights the role surveyors play in shaping a sustainable future. During this session, we are also joined by Surv. Izuegbu Ogochukwu Uju from Nigeria as she also shares her ideas and more light on the topic.

Ways to Celebrate Global Surveyors Day

The podcast discusses the significance of Global Surveyors Day, celebrated on March 21 each year, and the role of surveyors in shaping the world we live in. The episode offers practical ways in which surveyors can celebrate the day, including organizing events, engaging with the public through social media, recognizing achievements, and networking with other surveyors. The podcast provides examples of past celebrations, such as virtual meetups, social media campaigns, and geocache treasure hunts, to inspire listeners to create their own celebrations.