Global Surveyors Day

About Global Surveyors Day

The path to Global Surveyors’ Day began back in ancient Egypt when society first used surveying techniques to divide land. Throughout history, surveyors have remained the pioneers of discovery shaping our world to its current existence by exploring the unknown on earth and in space.
Fast forward to 2013 when the signing of the Budapest declaration created a common worldwide celebration for those leaders, past and present.
 Global Surveyors’ Day has been proclaimed as a way to globally recognize the ground-breakers, pioneers, individuals and the industry that has shaped our history and continues to be the foundation of our communities.

African Surveyor Gallery Book

In 2022, African Surveyors Connect is proud an excited to launch the first and unique edition as part of THE SPATIAL TIMES magazine series.
The gallery book aims to recognize Surveyors from around the continent for their efforts as we also get to know them better.
Who they are, what they do and where they are.

Anyone is free to participate in this first and special edition. Simply add your details

Submission Deadline



How much does it cost to get my name in the Gallery Book

No cost at all. The Gallery Book is free for all and no-one is expected to pay anything to get published. Only businesses that wish to advertise are charged.

When will it be published

We expect to publish the Gallery Book sometime in June 2022. Submissions are open until Mid-May 2022.

What is required

We basically require the following:
– Your Name and Contact Details for Identification
– Professional Photo
– Images of your works (in the office or in the field)