February 26, 2021

Geographic Information Systems Web-Based Application for the Public

Contained on this page is a collection of web-based geographic Information systems web-based tools that have been developed by members of the community and have been also shared through us to help the communities get quick tools that can be accessed over the World-Wide-Web.

You can also add your own work to be displayed on this platform by following the simple steps below:

  1. Within your ArcGIS Online Organization account. Click on the search tool bar and search for the group with the name: “Public Resources
    The group has the African Surveyors Connect icon as the thumbnail.
  2. Open the group and click on Join Group
  3. Create maps, applications and data-sets which you intend to share with the public
  4. Within your apps, data and maps, under sharing options, click on the share with group option and select the Public Resources group with the African Surveyors Connect icon on it

Your applications, maps and data will be automatically added to the Gallery of applications as displayed above.

Always make sure your content has good meta-data for users to be able to understand what your application is all about and how it can be of use and value to them.

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