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Preparing #Youth and the #YoungGeneration for the future of work for sustainability and economic growth through #Geospatial Technology development and skill enhancements.

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Academic certification is one thing and skill-set is another

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About Geo-Spatial Academy

Driven with a motive and passion to build and enhance the digital skills for the future of work in the young generation, the Academy provides skills centered learning and development.

Unlike a classroom setup, the GEOSPATIAL ACADEMY focuses on exposing and building the skill in you.
Our focus is not to help you claim as many certificates to display but to nurture, develop and mentor you to become who you want to be by doing what you love.

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Course Categories

Geographic Information Systems

Programming / Coding / Automation

Project Management

Land Surveying

Remote Sensing / Earth Observation / Photogrammetry

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Skill Centered Development and Learning

Everyone can get an academic qualification. It only takes determination and real career goals to acquire the necessary skills that are relevant to your line of work, skills that will contribute to global sustainability.

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