Geospatial Podcast of the Year 2021

The Geospatial Podcast Producer Award is an initiative led by African Surveyors Connect to recognize efforts made by members of the African Surveyors Connect team in creating content for the Geospatial community at large.

These young men and women have worked throughout the year to provide content which seeks to:

  • inspire
  • motivate
  • transform
  • build
  • and educate

both students and professionals in the Geospatial profession in Africa and the world at large.

The Geospatial Podcast was first initiated in the Month of August 2021 and has since grown its listener base. With over 10 episodes having been aired on the platform, the large community has provided some positive feedback through this initiative.

The efforts of these young men and women cannot go unnoticed during this festive season.

Vote for your best Geospatial Podcast Producer of the year 2021 using the Google Form embedded below.

Instructions for voting

  • you are required to enter your email address to cast a successful vote
  • you can only vote once
  • once you have hit the submit button, you can no longer edit your submission
  • you are required to have at least knowledge of one of the episodes that the Podcast Producer you are voting for has produced. Failure to provide the correct title to the Episode or Session will result in a null and biased vote which WILL NOT be considered.

All voting should be done on or before the 31st of December, 2021 at 23.59hrs (Central Africa Time).

Producer Profiles

Here is a complete list of the Geospatial Producers and the relevant link to their profile pages on the platform.

Joseph Jongwe –

Thelma Moyo –

Gugulethu Moyo –

Simbarashe Mutemeri –