A land survey involves locating and measuring both man-made and natural features using the principles of mathematics, geometry, and other sciences. By using various tools, a land surveyor can measure things such as elevation, angles, and boundaries on a property. There are multiple forms of land survey, each with aContinue Reading

The Global Positioning System changed the world of land surveying in many ways, most of them good. There are, however, some downsides to this type of equipment. Here is a quick summary of the pros and cons for GPS land surveying: Pros It offers a higher level of accuracy thanContinue Reading

Land surveying involves gathering information about the positions of certain points as well as the angles and distance between them. Through the use of certain instruments, surveyors can create maps, establish property lines, and gather important information for architects, engineers, and developers. The accuracy of land surveying measurements is dependentContinue Reading

Disclaimer: This post has been borrowed and re-published based on the article from Chron . Successfully marketing your land surveying business requires a sustained focus on the firm’s professional expertise, as opposed to a concrete product such as a land survey. Prospective clients also want you to provide exemplary customerContinue Reading