May 11, 2021


African Surveyors Connect is a home for Surveyors, Geomaticians and anyone with interests that are linked with the Geo-spatial environment.

Everyone is welcome as our primary focus is to bring together communities from across the continent and the world at large onto one platform where students and professionals can share ideas, network and help develop careers in the profession.

The platform supports the following but not only limited to

  • Articles
  • Technical Apps for use
  • Community forum for discussions and help seeking
  • Promotion of products through e-commerce
  • Professional profiling of individuals & companies
  • Tutorials for learning purposes
  • Magazines
  • And a lot more that might come from the community through our suggestion box.

We are a community where every voice matters. We aim to deliver content based on the communities suggestions and needs. So please feel free to drop in any suggestions via our email.

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